TheBalm Schwing Liquid Liner

Well folks the fall season is almost upon us and in a desperate attempt to make it come faster I have already started to rearrange my makeup stash. For you other makeup lovers out there you know this can be quite the challenge especially if you have more than one favorite in several categories but when it came to reorganizing my liners TheBalm Schwing Liner was easily my first draft pick, so far it is one of the best liquid liners I have tried.
This is a dark matte black liner that dries rather quickly, having slightly hooded lids I prefer fast drying liners since it means I don't have to keep my eyes closed for minutes at a time to prevent it from transferring to my upper lid. I also really like the felt tip applicator, it isn't spongy so it doesn't soak up all the product leaving you with a patchy line. As far as wear goes I work a 8:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m work day and my liner still looks good after I have arrived home Cha -Ching ...winner! Although it is longwearing I would definitely love to see a waterproff version for those humid, rainy, 'but I want to wear makeup' days. But lets be clear, when I say its long wearing I mean it will last a while without moving under normal circumstances and it is not "scratch at it to prove its not longwearing" proof either.

So to recap... black, long lasting, fast drying all wrapped up in this uber cute packaging? - now thats what I call a grand slam. Now if you will excuse me I am suddenly itching to watch"The Sandlot". Hey Batta Batta

Baseball Terminology
Draft Pick - The selection of a player during the annual selection process
Grand Slam - A home run hit while all bases are loaded.