Rimmel London Just Let it Go

Rimmel Just Let It Go

I am a huge fan of fast and simple makeup removers. I love me some Bioderma but even after all the hype it went through it still isnt the easiest thing to get your hands on and when you can get it the shipping is a turn off, so I decided to look around for another makeup remover.

As far as drugstore removers go this works just as well as the fancy stuff. I use this as soon as I walk through the door to remove the bulk of my makeup then properly wash my face before I shower. It gets my makeup off and it doesn't mess with my skin- two things I very much like in a remover. I should probably mention I don't wear a ton of waterproof makeup so I don't know how this would fair with that but it is still worth getting to take off the rest of your makeup. As far as I am concerned this one is a winner- I just wished it came in a bigger bottle.