Smash Burger





It happened to be one of those nights when no one knew what they wanted to eat when we remembered a new burger place that opened up in Brooklyn called "Smash Burger". After all the hype I experienced with Shake Shack and Five Guys I decided not to let the rave reviews get to my head. I walked in with no expectations and I have to tell you guys... I loved it! 

I went with the Bacon Cheeseburger on an egg bun with a side of sweet potato fries but the options in this place are pretty cool. Egg bun, pretzel bun, regular fries, sweet potato fries. They even have a build your own burger so you can add or leave out whatever you want. Because I didn't want to be greedy my first time there I opted out of getting a milkshake but man oh man did they look good. I had a total Homer Simpson moment when I saw the birthday cake shake. All in all I really enjoyed the experience, my burger was nice and juicy without being greasy and it was made when ordered so it was nice and warm with perfectly melted cheese *drool* and the best part? unlike some other burger spots the line wasn't ridiculous.The only downside would have to be that I wished there was more seating but I guess you cant have it all. 

Good food, amazing company followed by damn good shopping - it was an awesome night. I don't know when we will be headed back but one thing is for sure... that birthday cake shake will be mine!!