Ray Ban's My Favorite Shades

Ray Ban

 I don’t usually wear sunglasses because the bridge of my nose is pretty much nonexistent  so they slide off my face or there is a huge gap where my nose should be or the lenses are way too big to I end up looking like a fly. None of which are good looks. When purchasing my glasses I was given the option of a 55mm lens or the 58mm lens, if you don’t know this pertains to actual size of the lens itself. Because I didn't want them to be too big I opted for the 55mm lens and I love the fit. As you can see they still register a little big on me but hey I can deal and it is nowhere near as bad as it could be.

As for actual functionality they do keep the sunlight out of your face. For some reason with the red pair the sun seems to come through more so depending on how strong the sun is that day I still squint even with the shades on. If I had to pick a down fall with these shades that would be it, well at least when it comes to the red pair, I haven't had the problem with the other two. While I love all three I have to say the green is my favorite and will probably suit more people than the other two.