One Teaspoon Bandit Denim Cuttoffs


One Teaspoon Bandit Denim Cuttoffs: Free People

Yeah so this happened. Okay but here is what happened though - I was online looking for some summer shorts as you do and I came across these on the Free People website. My first thought was "Holy hell these are expensive" my second "But I have a gift-card" my third "I need them, besides with the amount of times I am going to wear them they will pay for themselves". Funny how whether its clothes or makeup I always end up going with that third thought lol. Either way I decided to make the investment and I love them. I don't usually wear white but the minute I saw these I instantly had five outfits in mind so I knew I would actually get some wear out of them and I have paired them with several other things since.

As for the shorts themselves they fit me pretty true to size but they look exactly how I wanted them to look so that is a plus. I don't know if I will be investing in another pair anytime soon especially with more affordable retailers stepping up their shorts game but you know me - I don't need another pair today then 5 post later guess who has another pair? *Face Palm*