TheBalm Schwing Liquid Liner

Well folks the fall season is almost upon us and in a desperate attempt to make it come faster I have already started to rearrange my makeup stash. For you other makeup lovers out there you know this can be quite the challenge especially if you have more than one favorite in several categories but when it came to reorganizing my liners TheBalm Schwing Liner was easily my first draft pick, so far it is one of the best liquid liners I have tried.
This is a dark matte black liner that dries rather quickly, having slightly hooded lids I prefer fast drying liners since it means I don't have to keep my eyes closed for minutes at a time to prevent it from transferring to my upper lid. I also really like the felt tip applicator, it isn't spongy so it doesn't soak up all the product leaving you with a patchy line. As far as wear goes I work a 8:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m work day and my liner still looks good after I have arrived home Cha -Ching ...winner! Although it is longwearing I would definitely love to see a waterproff version for those humid, rainy, 'but I want to wear makeup' days. But lets be clear, when I say its long wearing I mean it will last a while without moving under normal circumstances and it is not "scratch at it to prove its not longwearing" proof either.

So to recap... black, long lasting, fast drying all wrapped up in this uber cute packaging? - now thats what I call a grand slam. Now if you will excuse me I am suddenly itching to watch"The Sandlot". Hey Batta Batta

Baseball Terminology
Draft Pick - The selection of a player during the annual selection process
Grand Slam - A home run hit while all bases are loaded.

Rimmel London Just Let it Go

Rimmel Just Let It Go

I am a huge fan of fast and simple makeup removers. I love me some Bioderma but even after all the hype it went through it still isnt the easiest thing to get your hands on and when you can get it the shipping is a turn off, so I decided to look around for another makeup remover.

As far as drugstore removers go this works just as well as the fancy stuff. I use this as soon as I walk through the door to remove the bulk of my makeup then properly wash my face before I shower. It gets my makeup off and it doesn't mess with my skin- two things I very much like in a remover. I should probably mention I don't wear a ton of waterproof makeup so I don't know how this would fair with that but it is still worth getting to take off the rest of your makeup. As far as I am concerned this one is a winner- I just wished it came in a bigger bottle.

Ray Ban's My Favorite Shades

Ray Ban

 I don’t usually wear sunglasses because the bridge of my nose is pretty much nonexistent  so they slide off my face or there is a huge gap where my nose should be or the lenses are way too big to I end up looking like a fly. None of which are good looks. When purchasing my glasses I was given the option of a 55mm lens or the 58mm lens, if you don’t know this pertains to actual size of the lens itself. Because I didn't want them to be too big I opted for the 55mm lens and I love the fit. As you can see they still register a little big on me but hey I can deal and it is nowhere near as bad as it could be.

As for actual functionality they do keep the sunlight out of your face. For some reason with the red pair the sun seems to come through more so depending on how strong the sun is that day I still squint even with the shades on. If I had to pick a down fall with these shades that would be it, well at least when it comes to the red pair, I haven't had the problem with the other two. While I love all three I have to say the green is my favorite and will probably suit more people than the other two.


New In | Dolce Vita Booties

Dolce Vita Black Booties

Dolce Vita Taupe Booties

The chances of me coming across an awesome pair of boots on a random shopping trip are rare. The chances of me finding two pairs on a random trip out are really rare, but some how it happened to me on my latest outing to Nordstroms Rack.  I have been looking for a decent pair boots that mimic the vibe of the Isabel Marant Dicker boots for a while. I purposely didn't use the word dupe because I didn't want it to be an exact copy mainly because the dupes I did come across were cheaply made, poor quality suede or just plain uncomfortable. So I decided to get as close as I could to the shoe with out being a knockoff. After a year and a half of searching I gave up then came across these beauties.

Of the two the black ones are the closest but I saw the second pair fell in love with the color and decided to get them both. This purchase was pure dumb luck if you ask me. I found them in a 7 1/2 and they were the only pairs in the store. Together they cost $85.00 which is a damn good buy considering the taupe pair alone were originally $225.00. The fit is great, they are well made, sturdy and the suede feels awesome. Super glad I decided to go in and have a look around.

Smash Burger





It happened to be one of those nights when no one knew what they wanted to eat when we remembered a new burger place that opened up in Brooklyn called "Smash Burger". After all the hype I experienced with Shake Shack and Five Guys I decided not to let the rave reviews get to my head. I walked in with no expectations and I have to tell you guys... I loved it! 

I went with the Bacon Cheeseburger on an egg bun with a side of sweet potato fries but the options in this place are pretty cool. Egg bun, pretzel bun, regular fries, sweet potato fries. They even have a build your own burger so you can add or leave out whatever you want. Because I didn't want to be greedy my first time there I opted out of getting a milkshake but man oh man did they look good. I had a total Homer Simpson moment when I saw the birthday cake shake. All in all I really enjoyed the experience, my burger was nice and juicy without being greasy and it was made when ordered so it was nice and warm with perfectly melted cheese *drool* and the best part? unlike some other burger spots the line wasn't ridiculous.The only downside would have to be that I wished there was more seating but I guess you cant have it all. 

Good food, amazing company followed by damn good shopping - it was an awesome night. I don't know when we will be headed back but one thing is for sure... that birthday cake shake will be mine!! 

Guilt Free Pizza


Not the best image but I thought about taking this picture last minute after cooking dinner and I was starving so I didnt take the time to make it look pretty. Either way I thought I would share this Guilt Free pizza with you. It is super yummy and really quick to make. I should probably mention I am not a nutritionist or health guru I just thought I would share what I had for dinner.

Whole Wheat Pita // Marinara Sauce // Toppings of choice (I went with mozzarella, mixed peppers, spinach and red pepper flakes)

-Spread marinara sauce on whole wheat pita, top with cheese if desired and place it in the oven at 350 degrees.

-While the pizza is baking take out a pan cover the bottom with olive oil and sauté veggies. When it comes to the veggies I eyeball the amount but it is usually a handful of spinach and a few chopped pieces of peppers. This is also where I add my spices like garlic but add what you like.

-Once the pizza is done (I usually wait until the pita is crispy) take it out of the oven and scoop the veggies on top.

and thats all folks! super easy right? if you give this a try let me know how it comes out, I would love to know if you find it as yummy as I do. 

One Teaspoon Bandit Denim Cuttoffs


One Teaspoon Bandit Denim Cuttoffs: Free People

Yeah so this happened. Okay but here is what happened though - I was online looking for some summer shorts as you do and I came across these on the Free People website. My first thought was "Holy hell these are expensive" my second "But I have a gift-card" my third "I need them, besides with the amount of times I am going to wear them they will pay for themselves". Funny how whether its clothes or makeup I always end up going with that third thought lol. Either way I decided to make the investment and I love them. I don't usually wear white but the minute I saw these I instantly had five outfits in mind so I knew I would actually get some wear out of them and I have paired them with several other things since.

As for the shorts themselves they fit me pretty true to size but they look exactly how I wanted them to look so that is a plus. I don't know if I will be investing in another pair anytime soon especially with more affordable retailers stepping up their shorts game but you know me - I don't need another pair today then 5 post later guess who has another pair? *Face Palm*

Ugg Alena Slippers

Uggs 1

Since we added Porkchop to the family I have had a little trouble holding onto slippers. I dont really invest in them because somehow someway he manages to get to them and rip them apart. Last week I came home to a pair of Ugg slippers thanks to my awesome mother who thought I would like them and guess what?... I love'em!! I know its a little much for a pair of slippers but you wont hear any complaints from me. As for Porkchop he still chews on anything he can get his paws on but not these bad boys - when they are not on my feet they are up high where even he cant get to them.